“A Business Idea a Day” – Day 1

Let the business begin. Read on for the first idea in a series called “A Business Idea a Day”…


Idea #1

In Car Drum Game



Now, this idea is definitely up with my favourites. It could take one of two forms. Either an app on a tablet (preferred), or a physical piece of hardware to be hit with sticks. The idea is to allow the passenger, possibly children, to emulate playing drums whilst enduring a car journey. The app/game could be connected to car speakers to allow a variety of drum kits and also allow the user to play along with songs.


Epiphany Moment

One of the first purchases I made after becoming employed straight after University was an electric drum kit…and I have never regretted it. Drumming is great fun and surprisingly easy to pick up with a bit of practice. My idea is to provide this practice during a time that could easily end up being very laborious and boring – car journeys!

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