“A Business Idea a Day” – Day 10

This is a slightly geeky one so bear with me, unless of course, you are a geek and like the sound of this idea. If you do like it, share share share, and comment. Oh, and like it :).


Idea 10

Simple Mobile App to Query Database



OK, geeky time. There are a few different types of databases out there, MySQL, MS SQL (shudder), Maria DB, Mongodb etc…I think it would be great to have one app that has the ability to be setup to connect to all these types of databases and do the usual select, update and delete. It would need a very intuitive and simple design that lets even inexperienced database managers set up their connection and perform (possibly disastrous, we’ve all been there!) queries. Imagine being able to provide information during a meeting by quickly performing a select query on your phone. The possibilities are endless…kind of.


Epiphany Moment

I was having one of those days where there was work to be done, but the laptop seemed a bit too far away (AKA, 2 feet in front of me). I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to run this quick update query from my phone using an app. I searched and couldn’t find anything that could fulfill this purpose. Please let me know if your investigations prove me wrong!

I have to ask all software engineers that have made a hilarious/disastrous database mistake to step forward and share their story…Don’t be shy! Let me put it this way, backups are made for a reason!


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