A Business Idea a Day – Day 11

We are stepping away from geeky ideas and going for more of a giant idea that could change the world. Ambitious? I would say that it is not ambitious enough…


Idea #11

Availability App



A simple app that states whether you are available and where you are so people can organise to do stuff with you. So, instead of doing a status update, you could have your current situation selection from a small list such as: home and relaxing, home and bored, out and busy, out and looking for entertainment. This coupled with your location would instantly provide opportunities for spontaneous fun with friends. It would be a way to quickly see which of your friends are free and where they are.


Epiphany Moment

I was in London at the time and wondered how many of my friends were in the local vicinity and whether they wanted to do something. Obviously all of this can be done through Facebook and all of the other social mediums but I think it would be great to have a system with the sole purpose of sharing and seeing availability and location.

Possible names, as I love names:

Locate Free, Available Me, Free Me, WAYUT (What Are You Up To)

…OK, perhaps I’m not on form with names today. Let me know your suggestions!


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