A Business Idea a Day – Day 12


This idea could break phones. I bet you’re enticed now aren’t you!?


Idea #12

Punching Power App



This idea is a way of emulating those punching arcade games…but in the virtual world (which is evidently the place that we prefer things to be anyway…). The accelerometer on a phone can be used to find out how fast somebody is punching. The faster the punch, the higher the score, the more manly you are, the more women you get, the more you succeed and are fulfilled. OK, I may have lied about a few of those…


Epiphany Moment

I was out drinking in a fine establishment that had one of these physical punching machines and was impressed by the crowd forming around the masculine unofficial sport of punching a machine. I had the idea of creating an app to provide the same thrill that one receives when being able to prove that they can punch harder than somebody else, and so the punching power app idea was conceived.

I’ll assume you’ve all figured out how a phone could end up getting broken by the creation of this idea. Let me know your thoughts. Is this app idea manly enough for you? Are you manly enough to like or comment on it?


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