A Business Idea a Day – Day 13

It’s time for lucky idea number 13. This one has the potential to be slightly controversial…Don’t be shy now!



Conversation Word Counter (The Self Involved App)



Now I really love the idea of the app. Communication is so important and it’s so easy for one to get wrapped in their own life and steal a disproportionate amount of attention to discuss their escapades. I will openly admit that I am sure this has been me on occasions and I fear it being too frequent an event. The app would use our very unique voice tones to distinguish how many people are talking, and the full statistics of who is talking and when. As well as just the social benefit, it could be used in all kinds of serious manners for understanding the psychology of people’s self worth and desire for attention.


Epiphany Moment

Many occasions have jolted this idea back to my attention. I think of it every time I am witnessing and analysing a focus of attention on one individual that is conversing with a group.

The idea is purely for curiosity purposes and should have no implications of there being something wrong with a good story teller – We all love to sit and listen at times.!


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