A Business Idea a Day – Day 15

Do you want to easily be able to find any type of business, locally, without a hassle ever again? Well create the following idea and you will be helping humanity by making one step towards that goal…


Idea #15

Directory Website with Affiliate Links



This is a money making idea that many have already ventured into. There are still a vast amount of categories that either do not exists, or have not been done well on the Internet. A few examples of potential ideas that I’ve heard mentioned are: Equestrian Centres, Nail Salons and Sports Therapy. A directory website is basically a one stop place to go to for all of the information required to make a decision on the topic being searched for, e.g. should I go to that nail salon.


Epiphany Moment

In the latter days of University, I embarked on a directory website project. They are time consuming and a strong bit of advice would be that you are interested in the topic that you are making directories for! Sadly, nothing came to fruition with our idea but there are still many directory opportunities out there.


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