A Business Idea a Day – Day 16

If I thought that any of my previous ideas had the potential to be annoying, then I obviously hadn’t paid enough attention to this one. I apolagise in advance to the world if this gets created…


Idea #16

App to Send Alarms to Other People



This is a very simple one. Give your brain a rest and let other people organise your life for you by being able to send you alarms. There are a lot of nice customisation features that can be added such as: location based alarms that only go off when an individual reaches a location or allowing the person sending the alarm to choose what annoying, or relaxing, noise/song is played when the alarm does its job!


Epiphany Moment

This idea appeared to me in a half dreaming sleepy state (as I’m sure many genius ideas do!). I was panicking about whether I had set my alarm or not to make sure I woke with enough time to be hygienic and complete my morning rituals before work and it occurred to me how wonderful it would be if alarms could be sent to me to eliminate the need to organise quite so much of my life. You could even have the option to auto accept alarms! Dangerous, but it could be fun.


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