A Business Idea a Day – Day 17

I know what you’re all thinking, ‘when is Jason going to give us an idea that pushes the boundaries of legality?’. Well my potentially law abiding impaired readers, the idea below is the one for you…


Idea #17

Content Replacing App



This is one for the cheaters among you. Okay, perhaps it can be used for good as well as evil. The idea is a fuzzy logic based application that would be able to take some copied text, and replace words proficiently enough to still convey the same meaning, but be classed as unique content by anyone, especially Google’s robots, that reads it. This is a step way beyond just using a thesaurus – I envision an extremely useful service that could quickly create unique content whilst still maintaining coherency among the masses.


Epiphany Moment

I read so many articles that inspire and excite me to the point where I would love to make similar sounding arguments and call it my own. There is no point reinventing the wheel. This idea occurred to me during a late night article reading session, whilst loosely working on website content. University students – Don’t get too excited…It’s just at the idea stage, currently!

Calling all students…And anybody else that would like to create unique content, by using other pre-existing content. Cough plagiarism cough?


4 thoughts on “A Business Idea a Day – Day 17”

  1. Sorry Tom – This comment slipped past my attention!

    I always thought that Lorem Ipsum was a static piece of text used to provide content. As any designer/developers knows: a website looks WAY better and different when it has content!

    This idea was a way of automatically creating unique content using example content.



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