“A Business Idea a Day” – Day 4

It’s almost Christmas and seemed like a grand idea to release another business idea before we all go off to have a jolly time and relax from work.


Idea #4

The Right Click Stylus



A stylus used for mobile phones that has a simple button on it that the user can click to perform a right click function. This would allow for far greater functionality. This kind of technology should bring the tablet and mobile phone one step closer to replacing desktop computers, something that I don’t believe this can occur yet due to the speed in which large amounts of data can be manipulated.


Epiphany Moment

It always seemed strange to me that so much functionality is lost by not allowing a right click on mobile devices. One simple example could be to bulk select things by ‘right clicking’ then performing an action on all of the selected items after. It is an idea that I dreamt up a long time ago when styluses were more fashionable, but, I don’t see why they can’t make a comeback if the right kind of functionality exists.

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