“A Business Idea a Day” – Day 6

Happy New Year all. I would say that we are long overdue our next innovative business idea. Read below to find the idea that could make you driven and rich.


Idea #6

www.currentadverts.com – (Website currently available)



A website that has information on all current adverts. It would have to have very separated sections for different countries. It would be an excellent way to answer those questions you want to know about adverts such as: What song is on that advert!? OR who was that actor endorsing that product!?


Epiphany Moment

I’m not sure about you but I have had many occasions where I couldn’t remember a specific piece of information about an advert, usually the music! Whilst having my small intake of media (adverts), I saw one that had incredible music…So I tried to look online to find more information about it but I seriously struggled. I think having one easy to find website that has all of that information in one place is exactly the kind of thing that modern Internet exists for.

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