“A Business Idea a Day” – Day 7

Happy Friday all. We are getting into the flow of the new year so now seemed like the perfect time to enlighten you with a new business idea…


Idea #7

Soundtrack to My Life



OK, time for another music influenced idea. Less of a business one and more of a life dream. I think it would be a wonderful service for a composer to create soundtracks for peoples lives. A single piece of music that encompasses a persons unique personality and ups and downs of life. I know I would certainly be interested in it.


Epiphany Moment

I spend quite a lot of my time listening to film soundtracks and would honestly say that it is one of my favourite genres of music. There is a very specific track for the movie Madagascar 2 that I feel has an excellent blend of ups and downs that could really represent a lifetime. It was whilst listening to this track that I thought up the idea of Soundtrack to My Life.

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