Jason Nesbitt is the creator and co-founder of LoyalFree: The UK’s #1 app for finding local deals, events, and trails.

Jason studied Computer Science at De Montfort University and graduated in 2010. Since then, he has jumped from one obsessed coding project to another, building things such as websites, apps, browser plugins, automated systems, and web apps.

Jason co-founded LoyalFree in 2017, built all of the technology by himself, and is currently growing the business to promote as many towns and cities in the UK as possible.

He is the author of Learn App Dev – A simple step by step guide on how to make a mobile app from scratch.

Time for the dating profile section: His interests include business, technology, nutrition & longevity, self-improvement, and tools for productivity.

This website exists to promote Jason’s freelancing development work and share things that Jason considers interesting and useful for productivity or health. Definitely one of the stranger sentences to have been written in 3rd person.

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