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The Challenge

AstraZeneca wanted a system that automatically tracked the opinions of all relevant Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) within the industry.

The Solution

Jason was hired in 2010 to provide computer programming support on the KOLs software. 

The goal of the software was to use AI to create a knowledge graph and map of the sphere of influence that each KOL had in their respective fields. This data was obtained from sources such as PubMed.

AstraZeneca medical lab software

The Results

AstraZeneca were very impressed with Jason’s input on the project. The system was considerably improved and continued to provide benefit to the company long after Jason had finished his tenure at the company.

Ed Holbrook from AstraZeneca

Jason did some excellent coding at AstraZeneca and we were impressed with how quickly he picked things up and started making a positive impact

We enjoyed working with Jason during his 1 year at AstraZeneca and look forward to seeing what he achieves in the future.

Ed, Senior Software Engineer @ AstraZeneca

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