GPT3: The Future of AI

Written by Jason Nesbitt Topics: Business, Learn to Code

Short GPT3 introduction

GPT3 is a leading research institute focused on advancing artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Founded in 2015, the organisation is dedicated to conducting cutting-edge research in the field of AI and promoting its responsible use.

AI’s past

AI has been a buzzword in technology for decades now.

I always had a theory that AI was the term used for ‘thinking’ technology that is just a little further out of reach than current technology.

That is until GPT3 by OpenAI started to up its game!

GPT3 – What is it?

One of the key goals of GPT3 is to develop AI technologies that can be used to benefit humanity. This includes developing AI systems that can assist with a wide range of tasks, such as medical diagnosis, transportation, and environmental protection. In addition to conducting research, GPT3 also promotes the responsible use of AI by sharing its findings with the broader scientific community and engaging with policymakers and other stakeholders.

Backed by big tech names

GPT3 was founded by a group of renowned researchers and entrepreneurs, including Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and Greg Brockman. The organisation is based in San Francisco, California and has a team of over 200 experts in the field of AI.

One of the most notable achievements of GPT3 has been its development of advanced machine learning algorithms. These algorithms have been used to create AI systems that can perform a wide range of tasks, from playing complex games like chess and Go, to recognizing objects in images and translating languages.

In addition to its research efforts, GPT3 also plays an active role in shaping the broader conversation around AI. The organisation regularly hosts workshops and conferences, and engages with policymakers and other stakeholders to promote the responsible use of AI. This includes efforts to ensure that AI technologies are developed and used in a way that is fair and ethical.

Overall, GPT3 is a leading research institute focused on advancing the field of AI and promoting its responsible use. The organisation’s work has helped to advance the state of the art in AI, and its commitment to responsible development and use is critical for ensuring that these technologies are used for the benefit of all.

GPT3's product DALL-E created this image of 2 people looking at a phone

How can GPT3 help businesses?

There are many businesses that can be created using AI technologies developed by GPT3 or similar organisations. Some examples include:

  1. Health care: AI systems can be used to assist with medical diagnosis, helping doctors to identify diseases and conditions more quickly and accurately.
  2. Transportation: AI can be used to develop self-driving cars and other autonomous vehicles, improving the efficiency and safety of transportation.
  3. Environmental protection: AI can be used to monitor and analyze data related to the environment, helping organisations to identify and address environmental issues.
  4. Manufacturing: AI can be used to optimize manufacturing processes, increasing efficiency and reducing waste.
  5. Retail: AI can be used to personalize shopping experiences and improve customer service, helping retailers to better serve their customers.
  6. Finance: AI can be used to identify fraud and other financial risks, helping financial institutions to protect their customers and assets.

Overall, the potential applications of AI in business are vast, and many businesses can benefit from the use of AI technologies.

Try GPT3 now

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P.S. for the curious amongst you…this blog post was partly created using ChatGPT, and the featured image was created using DALL-E 😉

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Get Google Reviews | Amazing Link & QR Code Generator

Written by Jason Nesbitt Topics: Business

Want to Get More Google Reviews?

Google Reviews are very important. As soon as anyone Googles your business, they will see a box appear with your reviews.

It is quite challenging to get these reviews.

If you ask someone to review you, they need to get on to the Internet, Google your business, click on Reviews, click on add review…AKA way too many clicks!

It can also be a bit embarrassing to ask someone to do you a favour and review you, especially if it’s a stranger!

The easiest, and fastest, way to get Google Reviews: A QR code or link that takes people to instantly leave a review.

That is what I have created. Click below now to make your business’s own Google Review QR code and link.

Simply search for your business, and you’ll get your QR code and link generated for you.

Click To Try It Now

We are all very familiar with QR codes these days. Everyone sees a QR code and knows that they can use their phone camera to scan that code.

That is exactly how this tool works: It creates a QR code and link that you can share with people to be taken instantly to leave that business boosting 5-star review.

You may have noticed that a website link is also generated (as well as the QR code).

This is SUPER useful as you can paste the link on Social Media and put it in emails / newsletters. When people click it, again, they will be taken straight to leave you an excellent review.

Click To Try It Now

If you want the simplest way to get Google reviews, then definitely try it out right now (it takes 10 seconds!).

Where can the Get Google Reviews QR Code be used?

You can use it in person: On a sticker, on a poster, on your staff’s forehead…anywhere.

Below is an example of what a ‘strut card’ would look like (turns out that’s what these useful little cards are called):

Get Google Reviews QR Code poster

What are you waiting for?

Create your QR code, put it in your cafe / business / shop / restaurant / office and wait for those incredible reviews to roll in.

Or, include the link on social media / newsletters / emails / your website to let people give you honest reviews and feedback in 1 click.

As always, please comment or get in touch if you have any feedback or need any help with your website or technology.

Get Google Reviews Now

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News Feed Eradicator for LinkedIn – No More Distractions!

Written by Jason Nesbitt Topics: Business, Self Improvement News Feed Eradicator

News Feed Eradicator for LinkedIn – The Distraction Saviour

I have been a massive fan of the News Feed Eradicator for Facebook for quite some time.

I loved being able to nip on to Facebook…send my little insignificant post that will change the world and then get back on to the important work that makes me happier and makes my life better. OK, there is a tiny distraction on that Facebook extension – an inspirational quote. Not something I would call a distraction though!

I first heard about the the Facebook News Feed Eradicator on Tim Ferriss’ awesome podcast. I’ve already recommended you check that beauty out. But here is a link to the exact episode that makes the life changing recommendation.

This article would be fairly useless if it didn’t link to the News Feed Eradicator Chrome Extension now wouldn’t it?


Click here now, now…now to check it out, download it and give it a pleasant review.


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Guide to Starting a Successful Business as a Coderpreneur

Written by Vanessa Holwell Topics: Self Improvement

A coderpreneur is a person who works as a freelance coder or owns a coding business. Coderpreneurs may write code to bring other business owners’ projects to life or design and market their own software.

Why Every Business Needs a Coder

People used to think of coders as employees who only worked for technology firms. However, according to industry experts, coding is one of the most important skills for any business. Coders help protect companies from cyberattacks, develop internal software applications for employees to communicate and collaborate, improve company website performance, and increase the efficiency of business software.

How to Handle Administrative Tasks

Before you can start running your business, you first need to square away some administrative tasks. Decide how you want to organize your operation and then complete the legal steps to make it happen. Register your business name, open a business bank account and make sure you have any licenses or permits required in your location.

How to Market Your Business

Marketing is one of the most essential activities for any business, but it is particularly important for new companies trying to break into the industry. Start by doing market analysis to determine who your target market is, what they want, and who else is competing with you to provide it. Then, start establishing your brand as the go-to source for your target customers’ coding needs. Put together a portfolio that shows off the work you have done. Your portfolio can include student projects, hobby projects, volunteer or intern work, or projects you specifically completed for your portfolio.

Social media marketing is a good way to get started because the cost of entry is low, and the potential reach is high. However, it can be difficult to stay on top of all your social media content as a small business owner. Social media managers are experts at running campaigns. How much do social media managers make? You can recruit these professionals on a variety of online platforms for about $14 to $35 per hour, though social media managers with more expertise may command a higher rate.

How to Get Your First Client

One of the best ways to secure your first client is to do some networking. Attend conferences or industry trade shows. Tell your friends, family, former employers and co-workers, and other professional contacts about your new business. Chances are, at least one of them may know somebody who needs a coder. Talk to them about challenges they are facing with their business or job and pitch them a solution. 

Start a blog on your company website and provide the type of information someone who may need your services may be searching for. Post ads on relevant forums, job boards, and freelancing sites, but take care to learn the rules and don’t spam forums that don’t allow promotional content. 

How to Manage Your Projects

Once you have multiple clients, you need to be able to manage the different projects you are working on. Project management software or an online account management service can be useful. 

Coding is an in-demand service that any business can benefit from. If you have an aptitude for writing code and prefer the freedom and flexibility of working for yourself, becoming a coderpreneur may be the perfect fit for you.

Image via Pexels

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How Much Coding Should Designers Know?

Written by Irina Papuc Topics: Learn to Code

Many designers think each discipline should mind their own business, while others see no problem in professionals wearing multiple hats. Many developers see designers who code as a threat, while others see it as a facilitator. This is a hotly debated subject, and although I think some great designers are also superb at coding, I will always defend that the more you focus on a particular area the best you will be at it. But this shouldn’t be a reason for you to miss out on the benefits of having another skill under your belt.

Learn to Code

Learn how to code and make yourself a great asset to any multi-disciplinary team.

As a designer who has gone as far to set up Linux servers and program back-end, I see no question that understanding ‘the basics’ of coding would benefit any designer. The question really is, how much coding should designers learn? At what point might designers be wasting their time, or really stepping over the line into the territory of developers?

In order to provide some insight into the potential benefits of learning to code, I’ve broken the different levels of coding knowledge down into degrees of usefulness.


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