Ever Wanted to Make an App? It’s FREE and EASY! Read on to find out how…

Written by Jason Nesbitt Topics: Learn to Code

Glad I got your attention. I won’t beat around the bush with a long pitch of why you need to read this. Instead, I’ll stick to some quick facts:

Actually, before the facts…Click here now if you are sold on the idea already and want to get the free guide


On to the facts

– Learn App Dev was written by a highly experienced Developer with years of experience explaining coding to the people with little to no coding knowledge

– This FREE, 78 paged, 9,238 worded eBook with a lot of pretty pictures will walk you through all the wonderful steps of making an Android/iPhone/iPad/Tablet app

– Your input would be greatly appreciated as I want this guide to be a real source of information for people and use it to provide a way to get extremely useful knowledge in to the hands of people that would love to have an app but wouldn’t dream of committing to the ‘apparently’ difficult task of making one.

Help support Yourself and Others by spreading the word, reading a bit or giving it your all and making an app yourself following the simple steps within the guide.


P.S. you’ll be learning a lot more than how to make an awesome app…there are some great inspirational quotes in there too!

P.P.S. There is obviously a 100% money back guarantee with this free eBook.


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Poem | Optimism’s Darkness

Written by Jason Nesbitt Topics: Learn to Code

I dream of the day that thoughts aren’t occupied by you.

A ridiculous torture I’m compelled to put myself through.

Moments of minimum consciousness express more than any apparent woken moment.

Has life really been played out so wrong?

Lying with the stereotype of normality and assurance of no feelings involved.

Consistently believing the lie until it becomes old, then a feeling, so cold.

Which aspects of life enlighten you? The money, the euphoria, the moments lost in the eyes of another?

Calmness is a talent learned by experience.

Sadness given to those who rely on disobedience.

Do I lie to myself now, or later?

Can a moment of euphoria be maintained forever?

You can spend your entire life chasing the chase.

Life becomes very funny when you study your own motives for actions.

I am not strong. I am not in control.


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