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The Challenge

Automated Testing
A massive project to upgrade to a more modern type of database. It was critical for any information obtained from this database to be as accurate and correct as the existing database.

Basics of Website and App Development Training
Also, Experian were interested in training their staff to have a better understanding of the basics of website and app development.

The Solution

Automated Testing
Automated testing was created in a programming language called Ruby to 
intelligently run tests on different websites and produce easy to read reports to quickly highlight any issues between the old and new database.

Basics of Website and App Development Training
Multiple successful training sessions were ran to teach the basics of website and app development to permanent members of Experian staff. The results below show how beneficial this training was for the individuals that took part.


Experian automated testing screenshot

The Results

Automated Testing
The database migration project proved to be hugely successful and confidence of this success came primarily from the automated tests created by Jason at Nesbitt Web.

Basics of Website and App Development Training
Experian staff who attended the “Basics to Website and App Development” training found incredibly informative and left with the following benefits:

– An ability to communicate effectively with developers
– Confidence to articulate technical ideas better to all stakeholders
– Productivity improved by not be frozen by the fear of not understanding
– Morale boosted and happiness gained by learning a new, extremely useful, skill
– Delight in being able to tell friends and family about learning the ‘cool’ skill of website and app development

The “Basics of Websites and App Development” sessions were so popular, that people there were people hanging outside of the doorway to listen in. It’s a shame no pictures were taken of the spectacle.

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