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Want to Get More Google Reviews?

Google Reviews are very important. As soon as anyone Googles your business, they will see a box appear with your reviews.

It is quite challenging to get these reviews.

If you ask someone to review you, they need to get on to the Internet, Google your business, click on Reviews, click on add review…AKA way too many clicks!

It can also be a bit embarrassing to ask someone to do you a favour and review you, especially if it’s a stranger!

The easiest, and fastest, way to get Google Reviews: A QR code or link that takes people to instantly leave a review.

That is what I have created. Click below now to make your business’s own Google Review QR code and link.

Simply search for your business, and you’ll get your QR code and link generated for you.

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We are all very familiar with QR codes these days. Everyone sees a QR code and knows that they can use their phone camera to scan that code.

That is exactly how this tool works: It creates a QR code and link that you can share with people to be taken instantly to leave that business boosting 5-star review.

You may have noticed that a website link is also generated (as well as the QR code).

This is SUPER useful as you can paste the link on Social Media and put it in emails / newsletters. When people click it, again, they will be taken straight to leave you an excellent review.

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If you want the simplest way to get Google reviews, then definitely try it out right now (it takes 10 seconds!).

Where can the Get Google Reviews QR Code be used?

You can use it in person: On a sticker, on a poster, on your staff’s forehead…anywhere.

Below is an example of what a ‘strut card’ would look like (turns out that’s what these useful little cards are called):

Get Google Reviews QR Code poster

What are you waiting for?

Create your QR code, put it in your cafe / business / shop / restaurant / office and wait for those incredible reviews to roll in.

Or, include the link on social media / newsletters / emails / your website to let people give you honest reviews and feedback in 1 click.

As always, please comment or get in touch if you have any feedback or need any help with your website or technology.

Get Google Reviews Now

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