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The Challenge

LoyalFree started in 2016 with the mission to become the UK’s number 1 app that promotes towns, cities and businesses.

The Solution

Create a beautifully designed and highly intuitive website, phone app and dashboards that will allow the public to engage with their local area and report on the success.

1. Phone App – the app allows the public to claim discounts, collect loyalty stamps, find local events, enter competitions and explore with fun interactive trails

2. Website – a website was created to promote the app to the public and sell the benefits to interested cities and towns

3. Dashboard – web-based Dashboards were created to allow discounts, events and trails to be added and to report on the success

Extras: Live feeds of deals, events and trails on partner websites. React web app version of the LoyalFree app

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The Results

LoyalFree became hugely successful and achieved its goal of becoming the #1 place promotion app in the UK.

– Over 110,000 registered app users 
– Over 10,000 local businesses promoted
– Promoting over 70 cities and towns in the UK
– Won various awards and Government tenders
– Rated 4.6 on the Apple App Store from 383 reviews

App Store Reviews

Find some outstanding reviews for the LoyalFree app below

Incredibly easy to use!

I normally have my phone in my hand when I go to grab my lunch as I use contactless payment so scanning the QR codes takes an extra 2 seconds.

It’s quite nice having a freebie every so often with an extra 2 seconds work a day ☺️ Also like the lockdown trails at the moment, saved me googling/phoning every shop to find out where was open.


Friendly, useful, saves you money!

LoyalFree is a great way to build up discounts everywhere. It’s quick to use on the go, and is used by lots of businesses where the discounts make a difference!

Also friendly updates from their team make it more of a people friendly process, feeling more looked after and less automated than many apps :)


Useful and easy to use

LoyalFree has only just come to my area and I am so glad it has. Although there are other apps out there that give you discounts and loyalty stamps I prefer this over them all as it enables me to still be able to my support local business community whilst being rewarded with a variety of discounts, offers and loyalty schemes.


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