Minimal Packing List | SE Asia

Minimalist Packing List | 5 Months in SE Asia | Travel With Well Under 10kg

The Minimalist Packing List

Apologies – This Packing List Post is a Bit Delayed

I’m one week into my trip so now seems like a great time to post my packing list. The reason for the delay is due to a determination to cover as much of Bangkok as possible. Now that that has been ticked off the list, it’s time to get out on that sun filled balcony and get on with the long overdue blogging.

My Hand Luggage Packing List

My hand luggage allowance was a strict 55 x 40 x 20 cm and only 8kg!

Check out the picture and my list below to see what I’ll be surviving with for the next 5 months in South East Asia.



I will be taking a 35 Litre Karrimor Bag purchased by my beautiful girlfriend especially for this trip


2 x Jokey Boxers

1 x Exofficio Boxers – That’s right. 3 pairs in total. I still think it’s one too many…

1 x Long Sleeve Sun Protecting Top

2 x Swim Shorts – One pair, by Quicksilver, are made from recycled plastic and dries extremely fast. I’m not hating the funky design either

2 x Cotton T Shirts

1 x Microfibre Towel – These dry so fast. If you’ve never used one, give it a go!

Marmot Windproof Jacket – This thing weights 5oz and feels very comfortable

Running Trainers – Well used and very comfortable for walking in

Nike Sports Sleeveless Top – This material is made for high intensity sport so will be perfect for warm weather

Nylon Sport Socks


MacBook Air + Charger

Waterproof Laptop Case

Sony Earphones

Backup Apple Earphones – I couldn’t think of anything worse that being stuck in a jungle without earphones

iPhone 5s + Charger

USB Portable Charger


Sony A6000 Camera + Charger


2 x Earplugs – I’ve tried many and the simple yellow ” ones work great

1 x Foldable Toothbrush

Sleep Master Sleep Mask – This is made of silk and is extremely comfortable. I highly recommend it. I cuddle it

Silk Sleeping Bag Liner – Useful for the colder parts of the journey such as northern evenings and sleeper trains

David Lloyd Locker Padlock

Passport – Seems like a wise thing to bring


Malaria tablets – Doxycycline. I look forward to taking them

Thin Paul Rossi Wallet – I wanted a Big Skinny wallet but couldn’t get it delivered in time

Additional Purchases – Still Within The Hand Luggage Allowance

I’ve been here for just over a week and have accumulated a few more items, listed below:

Long Sleeve Shirt

A Sleeveless Vest Top

A Crazy Patterned Elephant Notepad – * Necessary item

Super Comfortable and Completely Fake Flip Flops – The unofficial official name for them

That’s all folks. The bag weighs well under 10kg and has been very comfortable to carry around. Yes, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are more technological items than clothing. This is something that I’m very happy to accept :).

I hope you enjoyed the list and accept the challenge to pack even more minimalistic and let me know about it in the comments below! Also, if you enjoyed the photo on this blog, you can check out Cory Rose Burfoot’s Instagram by clicking here.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. This blog post was written on a beautiful balcony in stunning weather watching an incredible sunset whilst, as I’m sure you can imagine, loving life!

4 thoughts on “Minimalist Packing List | 5 Months in SE Asia | Travel With Well Under 10kg”

    1. Thanks Christine! I promise that there will be some posts about my actual trip soon and not just the pre-trip information ;).

      I hope things are going well back in the UK without me. My phone hasn’t rang yet ha.

    1. Ha – it gets easier when you escape the rain Sue ;). We’re both wonderful thanks. Just waking up from a nap in beautiful Chiang Mai. Cory has taken about 700 photos in 2 weeks so we’ll have plenty to show you ha. Have fun in Isle of Man!

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