The Challenge

Create a web app that uses AI to instantly write Irresistible SEO blog posts, newsletters, website content & more. 

The goal of the company is to make a very business friendly way to utilise ChatGPT to save marketing time & money.

A promotion website was also required to promote this innovative business.

The Solution

Build a web app from scratch that allows users to register, connect a payment card to be charged monthly and instantly generate blog posts, newsletters and sales copy in just a few clicks.

Design and build a beautiful promotional website that articulates the benefits succinctly to small business owners. Include many calls to action to get them registered on a free trial as simply as possible.

Extra: Create an automated follow-up email system to maintain contact with anyone that creates a free trial to keep providing them with value and asking them to become a paying customere.

MyQuickCopy writing a blog post screenshot

The Results

The web app works perfectly and has obtained enough paying clients to break-even as a business within just a few weeks.

227,229 words of content have been generated using the web app within a few weeks.

The promotional website is beautifully designed, has been climbing the Google results daily and has seen excellent growth in daily visitors.

The owner is extremely happy with the professional quality of the web app & promotional website, and the success it is seeing in short amount of time.

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