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Create software or an app to sell your services and make money

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Software can make your team faster, happier and more efficient

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Software and apps can lower all of your business costs and improve staff morale

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Beat your competitors by creating better experiences for your customers

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The Problem

Not having good software in a business can lead to several problems and hinder overall productivity and efficiency. Here are some key issues that arise from lacking quality software:

Inefficiency: Without suitable software, businesses often rely on manual and outdated processes, resulting in inefficiencies and wasted time. Tasks that could be automated or streamlined with the right software end up being performed manually, slowing down operations and reducing productivity

Lack of scalability: As businesses grow and expand, their software needs to scale accordingly. Inadequate software may lack the flexibility and scalability required to accommodate increased data, users, or transaction volumes. This can hinder growth opportunities and limit the business’s ability to meet customer demands.

Data management challenges: Poor software can lead to difficulties in managing and analysing data effectively. Inaccurate or incomplete data, limited reporting capabilities, and inadequate data security measures can hinder decision-making, planning, and strategy formulation.

Communication and collaboration issues: Efficient communication and collaboration are crucial for successful business operations. Insufficient software can impede effective communication channels, collaboration tools, and project management capabilities. This can result in miscommunication, delays, and disjointed teamwork.

Competitive disadvantage: In today’s digital landscape, businesses heavily rely on technology to gain a competitive edge. Without robust software solutions, businesses may struggle to keep up with competitors who leverage technology to optimise their operations, enhance customer experiences, and innovate their offerings.

Customer dissatisfaction: Inadequate software can lead to poor customer experiences. It may result in slow response times, errors in order processing, difficulty in accessing information, or a lack of personalised services. This can lead to dissatisfied customers, negative reviews, and a damaged reputation.

Overall, not having good software in a business can hinder efficiency, scalability, data management, communication, and collaboration efforts. It can also put the business at a competitive disadvantage and lead to customer dissatisfaction. Investing in quality software solutions tailored to the specific needs of the business is crucial for optimising operations, driving growth, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

The Solution

Work with me to build high quality software or apps that will increase your sales, make your customers trust & love you and lower costs by making your team more efficient.

The Plan


Get in touch with me today to finally get your new software or app project started – It will be all smooth sailing after this first step.


I will listen to all of your requirements and quickly create mock-ups so you can confirm that you are getting exactly what you want.


I will keep you updated on the design and development phases and ensure a smooth process to create software or apps that fully achieves your goals.

The Price

30-minute consultation phone call


New Software or App

from £9,977

+ Maintenance & Support Packages Available
Based on 17 reviews
Ben Ryder
Ben Ryder
Jason has delivered a range of great digital skills workshops for over the past couple of months to businesses and residents of our area. He has been a pleasure to work with - really helpful and responsive, and we have had brilliant feedback from our learners. He has clearly engaged everyone he's worked with and we will be booking further workshops with him. We'd 100% recommend Nesbitt Web!
Sharonbolment Bolment
Sharonbolment Bolment
Jason provided very useful and impactful guidance with our software and website. I would recommend speaking with Nesbitt Web if you need help creating or fixing any software or app. Our company-Waggin’Greens feel much more at peace when working with Jason for any insightful advice, not only technical but also business aspects.
Nadeem Haider
Nadeem Haider
Jason provided outstanding support and exceptional results for Hubb Nottingham's website project. He was attentive and responsive throughout, closely collaborating to deliver a brilliant website that exceeded the client's expectations. Hubb Nottingham is very pleased with the outcome and highly recommends Nesbitt Web's web development services.
Saria Digregorio
Saria Digregorio
Simply the best!
rossella pulvirenti
rossella pulvirenti
Excellent software developer. Very happy with the communication and help to bring our ideas to life. Would highly recommend.
James Dunham
James Dunham
Jason's been a great help, initially in designing and setting up my website, and also helping me focus on what's important. Both in terms of where it's worth spending my time/energy on the business, and also how the website runs.
Rachel Hall
Rachel Hall
Quick and efficient at responding to queries and requests for updates. A great service.

Software or App Ideas:

  1. Custom Business Management Software: Tailored software solutions for managing various aspects of businesses such as inventory, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), etc.

  2. E-commerce Platform: Develop custom e-commerce platforms for businesses to sell their products or services online.

  3. Mobile Apps for Businesses: Create mobile apps for businesses to enhance their customer engagement, streamline processes, or offer services.

  4. Data Visualization Dashboards: Design interactive dashboards for businesses to visualize and analyze their data effectively.

  5. Project Management Tools: Develop project management software to help businesses plan, organize, and track their projects.

  6. Employee Training Apps: Build apps for businesses to train their employees efficiently through digital platforms.

  7. Customer Feedback Applications: Create apps for businesses to collect and analyze customer feedback for improving products or services.

  8. Appointment Scheduling Systems: Develop online appointment scheduling systems for businesses such as healthcare providers, salons, etc.

  9. HR Management Software: Design software solutions for managing human resources functions like payroll, attendance, performance tracking, etc.

  10. Inventory Management Systems: Offer custom inventory management systems to help businesses manage their stock efficiently.

  11. Expense Tracking Applications: Develop apps to help businesses track their expenses and manage their finances effectively.

  12. Social Media Management Tools: Create tools for businesses to manage and analyze their social media presence across various platforms.

  13. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: Provide customized CRM solutions to businesses for managing their interactions with current and potential customers.

  14. Task Management Apps: Build task management apps to help businesses organize and prioritize their tasks effectively.

  15. Document Management Systems: Develop software for businesses to store, organize, and manage their documents digitally.

  16. Customer Loyalty Programs: Design apps for businesses to implement customer loyalty programs and reward systems.

  17. Online Learning Platforms: Create platforms for businesses to offer online courses or training programs to their customers or employees.

  18. Health and Wellness Apps: Develop apps for businesses in the health and wellness industry to offer services like fitness tracking, meal planning, etc.

  19. Field Service Management Software: Provide software solutions for businesses with field service operations to manage their resources and schedule appointments efficiently.

  20. Virtual Event Platforms: Build platforms for businesses to host virtual events, conferences, webinars, etc.

  21. Point of Sale (POS) Systems: Develop custom POS systems for businesses in retail, hospitality, etc., to streamline their sales process.

  22. Appointment Reminder Apps: Create apps for businesses to send automated appointment reminders to their customers.

  23. Expense Reporting Software: Offer software solutions for businesses to streamline their expense reporting process for employees.

  24. Data Security Solutions: Provide software solutions to businesses for enhancing data security and protecting sensitive information.

  25. Customer Service Chatbots: Develop AI-powered chatbots for businesses to handle customer inquiries and provide support 24/7.

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John Doe

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Jenna Smith

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Samuel Stevens

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