Poem | Optimism’s Darkness

I dream of the day that thoughts aren’t occupied by you.

A ridiculous torture I’m compelled to put myself through.

Moments of minimum consciousness express more than any apparent woken moment.

Has life really been played out so wrong?

Lying with the stereotype of normality and assurance of no feelings involved.

Consistently believing the lie until it becomes old, then a feeling, so cold.

Which aspects of life enlighten you? The money, the euphoria, the moments lost in the eyes of another?

Calmness is a talent learned by experience.

Sadness given to those who rely on disobedience.

Do I lie to myself now, or later?

Can a moment of euphoria be maintained forever?

You can spend your entire life chasing the chase.

Life becomes very funny when you study your own motives for actions.

I am not strong. I am not in control.


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