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The Challenge

The Promotions Factory (TpF), based in London, needed to upskill their team to give them basic knowledge of website development.

The TpF employees frequently worked with developers and wanted to be more confident to communicate more efficiently.

The Solution

Jason ran is hugely successful “Basics of Web and App Development” 1-day course.

The 40-page course covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, WordPress and PHP. 

Laptops are mandatory and it a very hands-on session to create something awesome and fun during the day.


A meeting of people learning the basics of Website and App development

The Results

TpF found the workshop incredibly informative and left with the following benefits:

– An ability to communicate effectively with developers

– Confidence to articulate technical ideas better to all stakeholders

– Productivity improved by not be frozen by the fear of not understanding

– Morale boosted and happiness gained by learning a new, extremely useful, skill

– Delight in being able to tell friends and family about learning the ‘cool’ skill of website and app development

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Jason’s personalised training session has been invaluable to the future of our digital and creative team

We had an excellent training day with one to one training with Jason. His personalised web development course started off at the basics and provided us with exactly what we needed to know – It really did cut out all of the unnecessary bits and teach us how to easily make great websites with rich functionality.

The course was very organised and had a very natural flow that kept us constantly engaged and eager to learn.

Highly recommended for anyone that is interested in websites, whether you’re a beginner or experienced coder! The course has give my team the ability to create fantastic looking websites as well as them working smoothly and functioning correctly.

Alex, Head of Creative and Digital development @ tpf London

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