Bad or Old Software Causes More Problems Than No Software!

I fix & update software so it can make sales, improve efficiency, lower costs + create incredible customer experiences

Why Work With Me?

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Increase Sales

Create software or an app to sell your services and make money

Improve Efficiency

Software can make your team faster, happier and more efficient

Lower Costs

Software and apps can lower all of your business costs and improve staff morale

Customer Experiences

Beat your competitors by creating better experiences for your customers

The Problem

Having broken or not updated software or apps in a business can create significant problems and drawbacks. Here are some key issues that arise from this situation:

Decreased productivity: Broken software or outdated apps can disrupt workflow and hinder employees’ ability to perform their tasks efficiently. System crashes, errors, or malfunctioning features can lead to frequent interruptions, wasting valuable time and causing frustration among employees.

Increased downtime: When software or apps are not updated or maintained, they are more prone to issues and failures. This can result in extended periods of system downtime, preventing employees from accessing critical tools and data necessary for their work. Downtime can lead to missed deadlines, delayed projects, and loss of revenue.

Security vulnerabilities: Outdated or broken software often contains unpatched security vulnerabilities. Hackers and cybercriminals continuously exploit these weaknesses to gain unauthorized access to sensitive business data, compromise systems, or launch cyber attacks. Neglecting software updates puts the business at a higher risk of security breaches and data breaches.

Compatibility issues: As technology evolves, software and apps need to be updated to remain compatible with the latest operating systems, devices, and browsers. Failure to update can result in compatibility issues, making the software or app unusable or creating inconsistencies in the user experience across different platforms. This can lead to frustration for both employees and customers.

Limited functionality: Over time, new features and functionalities are introduced to enhance software and app capabilities. Not updating or fixing the software means missing out on these improvements, limiting the business’s ability to leverage advanced functionalities that can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and provide better customer experiences.

Negative impact on customer experience: Outdated or broken software can directly impact customer experience. Slow response times, errors in transactions, or malfunctioning features can lead to dissatisfied customers, decreased trust in the business, and potential loss of customers to competitors who offer a smoother and more reliable digital experience.

Overall, having broken or not updated software or apps in a business can result in decreased productivity, increased downtime, security vulnerabilities, compatibility issues, limited functionality, and negative impacts on customer experience. Regular maintenance, updates, and fixing of software and apps are crucial to ensure smooth operations, data security, and a positive user experience for both employees and customers.

The Solution

Work with me to get your software or apps back to high quality, so they can increase your sales, make your customers trust & love you and lower costs by making your team more efficient.

The Plan


Get in touch with me today to finally get your  software or app fixed – It will be all smooth sailing after this first step.


I will ask you what you would like updated or fixed. This list of updates and fixes can be sent in any format (email, phone, messenger pigeon) and at your own convenience – Don’t waste your time on it


I will very quickly work through the list and get your software or app back to perfect condition in no time. 

The Price

Update/Fix Software or App

from £60 an hour

Based on 16 reviews
Sharonbolment Bolment
Sharonbolment Bolment
Jason provided very useful and impactful guidance with our software and website. I would recommend speaking with Nesbitt Web if you need help creating or fixing any software or app. Our company-Waggin’Greens feel much more at peace when working with Jason for any insightful advice, not only technical but also business aspects.
Nadeem Haider
Nadeem Haider
Jason provided outstanding support and exceptional results for Hubb Nottingham's website project. He was attentive and responsive throughout, closely collaborating to deliver a brilliant website that exceeded the client's expectations. Hubb Nottingham is very pleased with the outcome and highly recommends Nesbitt Web's web development services.
Saria Digregorio
Saria Digregorio
Simply the best!
rossella pulvirenti
rossella pulvirenti
Excellent software developer. Very happy with the communication and help to bring our ideas to life. Would highly recommend.
James Dunham
James Dunham
Jason's been a great help, initially in designing and setting up my website, and also helping me focus on what's important. Both in terms of where it's worth spending my time/energy on the business, and also how the website runs.
Rachel Hall
Rachel Hall
Quick and efficient at responding to queries and requests for updates. A great service.
Elizabeth Payce
Elizabeth Payce
After an hour with Jason I feel really energised and ready to take action to develop my business website. Jason is a great listener, excellent at explaining what to do as well as being reassuring. I am looking forward to working again with Jason.

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