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"How to Use AI", "Intro to Software Development", "How to Build Apps", "How to Build Websites", "Cybersecurity", "Canva for Businesses" + Many More!

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Effective Communication

Give the ability to communicate effectively with developers and other staff

Boost Confidence

Increase the confidence to articulate technical ideas better to all stakeholders

Improve Productivity

Less confusion saves a lot of time. 

Productivity will improved by staff not being frozen by the fear of not understanding

Boost Morale

Happiness is gained by learning a new, extremely useful, skill. 

It’s ‘cool’ to tell people you know how to do website and app development

Popular Workshops
Canva for Businesses

Provide participants with the skills to create professional designs and websites using Canva, a user-friendly graphic design tool.

Coding for Beginners

This course introduces the coding language Javascript and is tailored to provide participants with foundational programming skills.

App Development for Beginners

This course uses the basic knowledge of web languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and aims to guide participants through building a simple app using Ionic and its starter templates.

How to Use ChatGPT & AI

This course introduces the capabilities of ChatGPT and other AI tools. Be more productive in life and at work.


Provide the general public, business owners, employees, and IT staff with the knowledge and skills to protect from cyber threats.

Website Development

Learn how to design, build, host and maintain websites. Including personal, e-commerce or corporate websites.

+ Many More
The Problem For Businesses

When employees in a business lack a fundamental understanding of how technology works, it can lead to several problems and challenges. Here are some key issues that arise from this situation:

Inefficient use of technology: Employees who do not understand how technology works may struggle to utilise it effectively. They may not be aware of the full range of features and capabilities that technology offers, resulting in underutilisation and missed opportunities for automation, productivity enhancements, and process improvements.

Increased reliance on IT support: Employees with limited technology knowledge often rely heavily on IT support for even basic tasks. This places a burden on the IT department and can lead to delays in resolving issues or completing necessary tasks. It can also limit the responsiveness and agility of employees, as they need to wait for IT assistance to address technology-related challenges.

Decreased problem-solving ability: Understanding how technology works enables employees to troubleshoot common issues independently. Without this knowledge, employees may struggle to identify and resolve minor technical problems on their own, leading to increased downtime and decreased productivity. This can also result in frustration and a sense of dependency on IT support.

Data security risks: Technology literacy plays a critical role in maintaining data security within a business. Employees who lack understanding in this area may inadvertently engage in risky behaviours, such as falling victim to phishing scams, clicking on malicious links, or mishandling sensitive information. This can expose the business to cybersecurity threats, data breaches, and potential legal and reputational consequences.

Ineffective communication and collaboration: Technology is often at the core of modern communication and collaboration platforms. Employees who struggle to grasp how these tools work may face challenges in effectively communicating and collaborating with their colleagues, both internally and externally. This can hinder teamwork, slow down decision-making processes, and impact overall productivity.

Limited innovation and adaptability: Technology is a driving force behind innovation and business growth. When employees lack a fundamental understanding of how technology works, they may resist or struggle to adapt to new tools, software, or processes. This can hinder the adoption of new technologies and limit the business’s ability to innovate and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Overall, the lack of understanding of how technology works among employees can result in inefficient technology use, increased reliance on IT support, decreased problem-solving ability, data security risks, ineffective communication and collaboration, and limited innovation and adaptability. Investing in technology training and fostering a culture of technological literacy within the organisation can help address these issues, empower employees, and unlock the full potential of technology in driving business success.

The Solution

Work with me to provide workshops about web and app development (and other technology topics) to empower the public or your team and keep them super efficient and happy.

The Plan


Get in touch with me today to express interest in the idea of running a workshop – It will be all smooth sailing after this first step.


I will have a quick call with you to confirm which workshop you are interested in and be sure to covered the best topics to maximise the time for your participants.


I will run the workshops and your participants will leave that day feeling incredibly enthusiastic and confident about their new skills.

The Price


Full Day: £549

Ran from 9am until 5pm, with a 1 hour lunch break around 12:30pm

Half Day: £319

Ran either from 9am to 12:30pm, or 1:30pm to 5pm

2 Hour Session: £169

Ran either early morning (8am - 10am) or after work (6pm - 8pm)

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